Magnets that say "who are you"

Who are you for your clients?

As a consultant you are many things to many people. This week I have been:

A spark lighter

The teams I work with often already have the ideas and answers they need. Sometimes my role is to help them to see that. It’s so inspiring to see a fire lit and the creative ideas that follow.

When someone sends you a drawing full of ideas they had to get up early to sketch because they are ‘buzzing’ – you know you’ve done what was needed. It’s such an honour to be part of that process.

A listening friend

I am regularly brought in to work in organisations that are having a difficult time. As much as we might have work to be getting on with, every so often the work needs to wait and you just need to listen.

Whether that is about the work or what’s going on for them at home, you just need to listen.

A path maker

Keeping people on track is key but sometimes tricky. It can be easy to get distracted by other tasks or excited about different possibilities. However hard it is, sometimes you need to keep reminding yourself and them the path you need to take. And, of course to so that you need to be organised and on top of your to do list (but that is another story!).

Different roles

I am going to reflect more in the coming weeks about the different roles I need to draw on and think about.

  • Who have I been for my clients and colleagues this week?
  • Who have they been for me?
  • Who do I need to be next week and what different strengths and roles do I need to draw on?

Who have you been for the people around you this week?