New: No Stone Unturned Fundraising

Thrilled to announce my new company name and identity – tell me what you think about No Stone Unturned Fundraising!

No Stone Unturned Fundraising logo

I have the marketing powerhouse and amazing mentor Nick Handley to thank for the name and so much more! Helping me to focus my business on what I love the most about working with charities and where my key still set is.


I have focused my process into three phases. This enables small charities to see where the challenges and opportunities are and work through a set of recommendations. Importantly leaving them confident to continue the work.

  • Phase 1: Fundraising Audit – Review, readiness and assessment
  • Phase 2: Fundraising Strategy – Prospecting and planning for short, medium and long term
  • Phase 3: Fundraising Delivery – Implementation

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