2020 Achievements

Some light in the darkness of 2020

Text: 2020 has been tough but there has been some light

We just need to say ‘2020’ right? Everyone knows what I mean by that! I can’t remember a year of shared experience like this. But it certainly wasn’t the same experience for everyone. Early on in the crisis I saw this metaphor and it really rang true.


The conversation starter ‘How are you?’ became such a big question and was no longer a throw away introduction. So we all know why the year was so tough – for me it was about home school in a small flat!

But there were some great things that happened. I moved to a new flat with a garden!

I got to help a lot of people raise vital funds.

Text: £62 Million. We supported organisations across the UK to raise vital funds at this critical time

I worked with some brilliant people and organisations to help them access a range of public funds and funding from Trusts and Foundations.

I can’t quite believe this figure!

I spent a lot of time on video calls and webinars!

Text: 20 Webinars delivered to thousands of people

Like the rest of the world I spent a lot of time on Zoom, Streamyard, Whereby and Google Meet!

I watched a huge number of webinars and learnt a lot from people around the world.

I delivered webinars on
  • Fundraising in a pandemic
  • Keep on track with your Grants, Trusts & Foundations Fundraising
  • Make your Grants, Trusts & Foundations assets work harder
  • Accessing Emergency funds and the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund: Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Creative Wales and Arts Council Northern Ireland.

I didn’t do it alone!

Text: 15 Collaborators. Collaborated with 15 amazing fundraisers this year

When the need for support started to ramp up I asked some amazing people to help.

And they said yes! It is because of these people we were able to help so many others.

I helped people increase their chance of success

Text: 85% success rate across funding rounds and applications in 2020

Across all of the funds supported we had an 85% success rate this year.

In one fund those who used my guidance notes, webinar and review were three times more likely to get funding.

And now to have a break! Rest well everyone and see you in 2021