Following my popular fundraising training in the summer, I have teamed up again with Community Works and Mid Sussex Voluntary Action to bring you a series of 3 webinars in spring 20201.

These free or low cost sessions aim to help you hone, refresh or kick-start your fundraising in 2021. Each session details necessary steps to help you move on with your fundraising.

Sign up with your local Community and Voluntary Sector Support organisation to access the sessions.

Gym weights, representing the idea of "bootcamp"

Case for Support Bootcamp

Tuesday 12 January, 10am-12pm, Mid Sussex Voluntary Action, Sign up HERE

Wednesday 13 January, 1:00-2:00pm: Community Works, Sign up HERE

This session will give you what you need to ensure that your Case for Support works well for you. For example, what do funders expect to see in a case for support and how can you make yours stand out. Please note, if you attended the ‘Making your assets work harder’ session in July, this will cover some of the same material but in more detail.

Your Case for Support is a document that casts a vision for your organization and tells donors why they should invest in your work. This session will look at what funders expect to see and how to ensure that your Case for Support works and stands out.

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Prospecting and Research

Thursday 4 February, 12.30pm – 2.30pm: Mid Sussex Voluntary Action, Sign up HERE

Thursday 11 February, 9:30-10:30am: Community Works, Sign up HERE

How can you do great research about Trusts, Foundations and Grants before you make an application? Where do you look for information and vitally – what is that information telling you?

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Income Diversification

Wednesday 3 March, 10am-12pm: Mid Sussex Voluntary Action, Sign up HERE

Tuesday 16 March, 11:00-12:00pm: Community Works, Sign up HERE

What are the different incomes available to you? How might you start to explore new revenue streams for your organisation? When you are focused on Trusts, Foundations and Grants – how do you get started in developing individual giving, major donor or corporate fundraising?