Income diversification

A good range of income streams helps an organisation to be more financially resilient and can reduce the impact of reduced funding in one income area.

Many not-for-profits start their fundraising journey with Trusts and Foundations before exploring new ways to raise funds.

However, many are unsure how to start individual giving, major donor or challenge events fundraising.

That is where we can help!

We can help you understand your challenges and opportunities.


Understand your untapped potential for new income streams.

We can help you audit where you are and identify your potential mix of income.


Recognise what you need to do to ‘get your ducks a row’.

We can help you establish your challenges and opportunities to mobilise for results.


Create a plan that you can implement and sustain long term.

We can help you remove obstacles to funding and implement your plan.

What people say about us

Chloe Neilson-Hopkins
Fundraising Manager, 4Sight Vision Support
“Lucy conducted a fundraising audit for us, helping to bring clarity and focus to our strategic direction. By working with Lucy, she helped to add weight to some of things we already knew as a FR Team and as a charity to be able to clearly communicate to Trustees and the wider team, as well as getting honest, invaluable feedback from a pool of supporters.”
Jay Breslaw
CEO, Survivors’ Network
“We have been extremely fortunate to work with Lucy Stone, her knowledge and expertise, along with a tailor made approach have been invaluable. She is great at really getting to know the charity and offering support and solutions that are realistic and achievable. Her encouragement and positive manner have made all the difference, I can’t recommend her enough.”
Eva Eriksson
Chief Executive, Grace Eyre Foundation
“The charity were reviewing their fundraising strategy and Lucy led three brilliant workshops to help us arrive at a strategy that is solid, will produce results but is also realistic and well planned.”

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