Relationship Management

Underpinning successful fundraising needs to be fantastic stewardship to build long term relationships.

We must at all times remember that it’s not that they are one of our donors, importantly, it is that we are one of their charities.

The relationships need to be personal, supported, appropriate and at times unexpected.

We can help you ensure your funders and donors are long term partners.


Ensure that your database is helping you effectively manage relationships.

We can help you get the best value from your data.


Understand and exceed funders requirements and expectations.

We can help you ensure that you meet and beat your funders expectations.


Create a stewardship and relationship management plan.

We can help you frame an effective implementation plan that gets results.

What people say about us

Shelley Bennett
Pelican Parcels
“Lucy is an awesome fundraiser, her knowledge of Trusts and Foundations has proved invaluable. She is great to work with as she just gets on with the job and understands the pressures of a small charity. I would recommend her, but we don’t want to lose her!”
Training Course
“I have attended a couple of Lucy Stone’s sessions over the last few months and even though I have learnt a lot about trusts/ foundations over the last few years, I always come away from her sessions with something new! She is so helpful in both covering the basics and more detailed aspects of fundraising. All of which are so insightful regardless of the level of understanding one already has.”
Andrea Frances
Festival Director, Arts by the Sea and Cultural Development Manager BCP Council
“She is on top of all the guidance, every meeting has insightful comments about our work and about what we need to do to progress, has useful insights about how to restructure our business plan, very clear format about how to approach the NPO, practical timelines, everything really clear – very easy to work with, it’s been a pleasure so far!”

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